2024 Camp Card Sale

Welcome to the 2024 Camp Card Sale


Selling Camp Cards is an easy, no-risk way to teach Scouts the value of earning their way. Going to camp is the highlight of every Scout’s year. Shouldn’t they understand the value of that experience?


Thank you for investing the time and energy to lead your Scouting Unit’s 2024 Camp Card Campaign. This sale plays an essential role in allowing you to generate the funds for your Unit, and to send your Scouts to camp this summer.


Imagine being able to pay for a MAJOR portion of what your Unit does for an entire year with Camp Card profits: Trips, campouts, trainings, advancements, blue & gold banquets, courts of honor, trailers, uniforms, day camp, resident camp, and summer camp!


Last year, Scouts in the Central North Carolina Council earned over $45,000 to fund their Scouting adventure. Our goal is to give each Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, and Venturer the opportunity to earn the money needed to have the best Scouting summer ever.


This “Leaders’ Guidebook” will help to introduce our 2024 Camp Card Sale, how it will benefit your Scouts, including important sales information, time lines, the card vendors, signing up and people who can help you. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the Scouts in your Unit!




February Roundtable = District Camp Card Sale Kickoff

*NOTE 1* Units may purchase their Camp Cards upfront with no returns for 55% commission. See you District Executive for more details.

*NOTE 2* A unit may only return up to 10% of the cards requested. The unit is responsible for selling no less than 90% of the cards issued to them by the council.

April 1, 2024 = Additional cards may be checked out to a unit if the unit has sold all of its initial cards issued and submitted net payment to the council office, and if the cards requested are in stock. 

May 3, 2024 = End of Sale. All remaining intact camp cards (10% or less of cards checked out) and money due to the council office before 4pm. 

*See Leaders Guide on late returns and commissions*

May 17, 2024 = Prize Order Form Deadline to council office (For Amazon or VISA gift cards for qualifying Scouts). Can be submitted early when closing sale.

Please see below to submit a Scout for the 2024 Summer Camp Drawing (Enter for each 20 cards sold by an individual Scout). One winner will be awarded. The submission deadline is before midnight on Thursday, March 28th. One winner will be awarded from the drawing on Friday, April 5th.

Camp Scholarship Opportunity Link Disabled - Past Deadline

File Name Description
2024 Camp Card Leader's Guide Resource for unit camp card coordinators and unit leaders to conduct a successful 2024 Camp Card sale. Download
2024 Scout Tracking Sheet Resource for the unit camp card coordinator/s to keep track of the cards Scouts are issued and selling. Download
2024 Youth Camp Card Receipt Resource given to a selling Scout's parent or guardian from their unit's camp card coordinator/s to acknowledge the number of cards being checked out for sale from the unit. Download
Camp Card Preview We have produced 7 high quality versions of the 2024 Camp Card to be released at the February Roundtable: Cabarrus County, Rowan County, Union/Anson Counties, Southwest Union County, Montgomery County, Richmond County and Stanly County. Download