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2024 Annual Membership Fees Download
Be-A-Scout Unit Pin Set-up Use these instructions to update or check unit contact information, meeting date, time, and location and to ensure that your unit appears on and that people can apply online. Be sure to click the save button when finished for changes to take effect. Registered unit Key 3 leaders or Key 3 delegates can update the BeAScout pin. Download
Central NC Council Refund Policy Download
Complete Pack Job Descriptions Download
Council Composite Calendar 2023 - 2024 Blended council calendar that includes all program events, monthly district meetings, and holidays. Download
How to Run a School Night How to Run a School Night Example. Your district executive will have a detailed agenda for school approved roundup nights. Download
Open House Success Plan Download
Pack Budget Template Download
Pack Informational Handout Template For an additional marketing strategy, add your unit specific Invitation Manager QR code to your unit's informational flyer. This will direct parents registering their child to your unit's specific BeAScout page instead of the generic page. For more information visit: (Linked above) and scroll down to the invitation manager section. Download
Planning Your Annual Pack Budget Download
Planning Your Annual Troop Budget Download
Recruitment Facebook Posts Download
Scouting Position Trained Requirements This overview gives a description of what trainings are required for each registered position in Scouting and what their training codes are. - Current as of June 2022. For more information visit: Download
Troop Budget Template Download
Unit and Member Renewal Support Resources for council support of unit and member renewal. Download
Unit Money-Earning Application and Guidelines Used for non-council fundraisers to limit unit liability and to ensure compliance with the BSA Rules and Regulations. Units do not need to complete this form for council coordinated fundraisers such as popcorn and camp card. April 2023 Revision Download
Unit-Guidebook for Online Registration Tools Manage your unit's online registration tools. Unit Key 3 leaders or delegates have access. For video demos and more information, visit: (Linked Above) Download
Using Facebook in your Cub Scout Pack Download
Your Unit's Marketing Plan Download