Scouts Earn Incentive Program

Congratulations to the following units for successfully earning council credits through the Scouts Earn Incentive Program by having 2023 net membership growth!  

District  Unit Type Unit Number 
Gold Rush  Pack  3
Gold Rush  Pack  83
Gold Rush  Pack  91
Gold Rush  Pack  173
Gold Rush  Pack  315
Gold Rush  Pack  328
Gold Rush  Pack  442
Gold Rush  Pack  704
Gold Rush  Troop  3
Gold Rush  Troop  173
Gold Rush  Troop  178
Gold Rush  Troop  301
Gold Rush  Troop  448
Gold Rush  Troop  888
Gold Rush  Crew 443
Total 16  
Old Hickory  Pack  18
Old Hickory  Pack  89
Old Hickory  Pack  276
Old Hickory  Troop  120
Total 4  
Uwharrie  Pack  6
Uwharrie  Pack  82
Uwharrie  Pack  92
Uwharrie  Pack  111
Uwharrie  Pack  202
Total 5  
Overall Total  25  
Total Recogniton Credits Valued at  $7,940  

SCOUTS EARN Incentive Program is a new program, implemented in the summer of 2023, that is targeted to provide financial incentives to scouting units to be more actively engaged with membership recruitment and unit based fund raising. Each year, the Council Executive Board will decide the priorities for the following year and the applicable incentive pools. It provides a way for scouts and adult leaders to encourage membership and create Council credits that can be used for discount of individual registration fees or other Council sponsored activities, e.g. summer camp, advancement awards, special events, etc. The 2023 membership recruitment program will be structured to end on December 31st. For more information on the 2023 Scouts Earn Incentive Program, please click on the resouce link below.

There will be new targets and goals set for the fall of 2024, which will be announced in June 2024.

File Name Description
2023 Scouts Earn Incentive Program Download