2024 Collectors Patch

The Central North Carolina Council has designed a special 2024 collectors patch. It depicts the Uwharrie Forest, Lake Badin, Camp Barnhardt Axe and Log, and marks the council territory within the great state of North Carolina.

There are only 250 in stock!

Purchase one or more of these special limited quantity collector patches and with each patch sold, the person gets an entry into a drawing to a win a cash prize (a check will be mailed to the winners). Once the entry has been used that entry will be removed from the pool. 

** Drawings will start when 25 patches have been sold. The sale price of the patch is $250. 

There will be a monthly drawing for $500 on the last day of each month: 
4/30/2024, 5/31/2024, 6/30/2024, 7/31/2024, 8/31/2024, 9/30/2024, 
10/31/2024, 11/30/2024, 12/31/2024

There will be a quarterly drawing for a $1,000 on:
6/30/2024, 9/30/2024, 12/31/2024

There will be a year-end drawing for $2,500 on:

2024 Collectors Patch Purchase (tentaroo.com)