2023 Gold Rush District Spring Aviation Camporee

Calling all scouts, we will have our first Camporee of 2023 at Sugar Valley Airport, earning the Aviation Merit Badge.

This will be the fourth time we have put on this event.

Scouts will have the opportunity to earn the Aviation merit badge, participate in 5 stations in a round robin format.

There will be a patch for this event.

Camping will be in the field next to the runway and Scouts will need to be escorted across the runway, as this is a working airport.

We need leaders to help run the stations and supervise the Scouts.

In order for Scouts to participate in the plane ride, each scout must have an EEA Young Eagle Flying form, filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.

Young Eagle forms are limited and must be requested based on scouts committed to attending the Camporee. Please make sure the forms are filled out correctly and have the parent’s signature. The signature line is on the back side and is easy to overlook. When the forms are collected, please place them in a manila folder with the Troop number, the number of scouts flying (weather and pilots permitting) and adult leader contact information on the outside. Forms will be available from Al Wilson and at the December-February Roundtables.

Scouts must also fill out BSA Activity Consent Form (available online).

There is a distinct possibility that everyone will not get to take an airplane ride at the camporee. There is always the weather to deal with. Last time we had severe storms on Friday night and the campers were herded into the Blue hangar for safety. There is also the logistics of flying a large group. We have one of the most experienced Young Eagle Coordinators and ground teams in the World but the ramp at Sugar Valley can only hold so many planes and divide the number of scouts by the number of planes times the number of flights and we can only fly that many.

Units MUST Complete the Fly Plan Checklist

Forms must be in by March 2023 roundtable for scouts to fly! Please register your Scouts now, so we can get a good idea of a head count. Plan entertainment for Saturday night campfire! If you have any questions, come to roundtable or Contact Al Wilson!

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