Recruitment Resources

This page is meant to be used as a resource for Districts and Packs/Troops/Crews in their ongoing efforts in recruiting new Scouts!

Previous recruiting efforts were Council- Centric and relied on the Unit to follow up. Today, recruiting is “Unit & Community Centered” using tools and guidance from the Central NC Council.

For a Unit to have a successful recruitment here is what they need to accomplish:

  1. August 5th-  Unit Launches their #Adventure On Campaign using fliers, yard signs, door hangers, and social media posts. This campaign highlights the fun and adventure of your pack on social media and invites other families to come see what all the fun is about.
  2. By October 1st the Unit has held a School Night, a Pop Up Event, & a Bring a Buddy Event! For more information on these events and everything needed to have a successful recruitment, visit the parent and leader resource page on the council website!

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How to Update Your Be a Scout Pin Download
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