Board of Directors

The Executive Committee and the Executive Board of the Central NC Council as responsible for the leadership, programs, and fiscal oversight of the Central NC Council. 

Executive Committee

  • Mike King - President of the Board
  • Bob McGowen - Council Commissioner
  • Scott Elliott - Vice President of Finance 
  • Stuart A. Willams - Scout Executive/Chief Executive Officer
  • David Morton - Vice President of Properties
  • Robert Brannan- Vice President of Endowment 
  • Robert McGowan- Vice President of District Operations
  • Tommy Wheeler - Vice President of Operations 
  • Samuel Davis Jr. - General Counsel
  • Jay McKinney- Vice President Program
  • Michael King  - Vice President Membership
  • Dr. Jon Hobbs- Vice President of Risk Management 
  • Timothy Grismer - Old Hickory District Commissioner 
  • Jeramy Pressley - OId Hickory District Chairman 
  • Joe Hartsell - Gold Rush District Vice Chairman 
  • James Barrier - Gold Rush District Commissioner 
  • Alan Love- Uwharrie District Commissioner
  • Robert E. Cansler-  Board Member 
  • Stuart Jones- Board Member 
  • Jeff Parker - Board Member 
  • Randy Shue- Board Member
  • Bob Hill - Board Member 
  • George Wilhelm - Board Member 
  • David Wilson - Board Member 

Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams

Scout Executive

(704) 982-0141 x225

Position Name Telephone
Volunteer Council President Mike King
Volunteer Council Commissioner Bob McGowen
Scout Executive Stuart Williams (704) 982-0141 x225 Email